About the Museum

The Atlas Cement Company Memorial Museum traces the development of the Atlas Portland Cement Company and the greater Northampton, PA, community.

A mural at the Atlas Cement Memorial Museum includes depictions of a boat on a river, several factories, an ornamental post made of brick and concrete, grassy fields, the Statue of Liberty, and a row of figures in the blue sky representing Atlas employees. Below the mural are an array of artifacts including gearwheels, a stone block, and a Geiger counter. To the right is a not-quite-life-size cutout of a black-and-white photograph of a cement worker.The museum honors and preserves the heritage of a legendary cement plant that employed more than 5,000 workers and quickly became the largest cement plant in the world. From the first bag of cement to its last delivery, the Atlas was a titan which would define the industry, inspiring the creation of over 60 plants in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. Our museum is the only Portland Cement museum operating in the United States.

Our large collection of artifacts presents the company and community’s story as seen through the eyes of the men and women who worked here. The influx of thousands of people from Central Europe would lead to the creation of new communities, including our own Northampton.

Atlas Cement Company Memorial Museum founder Edward Pany poses with a bright red firehose cart at the museum.
Museum founder Edward Pany

The cornerstone of the museum is a larger-than-life mural painted by Mr. Roger Firestone. It captures the importance of the men and women who worked here and brought with them their faiths, foods, social organizations, and traditions.

Our museum was founded in 1997 by Mr. Edward Pany, who was assisted by grants from the U.S. Generating Company and Mr. Frank Horwith.

We gratefully acknowledge the cooperation of Northampton Borough in the creation of our museum.

Mission statement

Our mission is to preserve the heritage of our cement industry and the workers that created our community.

The trustees

The museum is operated by a Board of Trustees and a curator. Our current curator is the museum founder, Mr. Edward Pany.

Associated Organizations

Museum supporters

The Atlas Cement Company Memorial Museum is sustained by the generous contributions of the cement companies that continue to operate in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, in addition to support from local and county government.


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